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How to Get Any Orders?


Hi Everyone
Why I Do not get any order from last month. I joined fiverr from January and i worked with 4 buyers. After this i Donot Get any order from last month. Please View my Profile and give me any suggestion.

Here is my Profile.

  1. Improve/correct the writeup of your description and gig descriptions. “It is welcomed to all to meet us” is not good english.
  2. Say I than we, till you establish. Some buyers prefer to work with individual sellers than with a group or a company.
  3. Be concise and clear in what you offer, and convey how you are different and better.
  4. Don’t try to oversell. Promise only what you can deliver and deliver it on time & with quality.
  5. Refer to top selling gigs in your gig categories to figure out the keywords and understand how to write a compelling gig copy and how to offer gig extras.

All the best,


Everybody will have ups and downs when it comes to orders just be patient


You need to improve your description. You have mentioned that your English is fluent but this does not reflect in your description. I suggest you change the language setting and tone down the level. It will be evident from your conversations if you are not comfortable with English.


Thank you for your suggestion :slight_smile:


Thank you @excelpowerpoint