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How to get at least one order everyday


I’m a level one professional graphics designer…i really can’t tell how GOD has blessed me to reach this level but I feel it’s is Gods doing and it’s marvellous in my sight, However I notice I have not been getting order coming compare to when I was no level seller. This really get me worried if probably there is something I’m not getting right as other level one seller.
I always feel good and amazing to working for my clients not actually because of the earnings but because of the passion I have for designing and creativity and instructions from buyers which makes me more optimistic of having a good and fufiled day

Please I really need great information on how possible for me to be getting order everyday.

Hope to hear from ya all
You are the Best


If your God helped you this far and now the orders have stopped then maybe there’s a reason.
Maybe it’s time you take it from here. Take a course on how to sell your service or hire someone to advertise it for you.

Otherwise if God helped you this far and you expect us to help you further then what are YOU doing to help yourself?


:slight_smile:… Seems you really do not understand the phrase so well… As a professional graphics designer and freelancer I have tried all my possible best and still continue to for I Alwyas share my gig through social media and other stuff as mentioned on tips on how to get order i adhere to almost every useful tips here on the forum an others do as to keep working…i know what I’m doing and I’m a professional but who are I to praise myself for the blessings of the LORD…

All I’m saying is I need a wonderful updated tips on how to get more order coming everyday because I can tell I’m always ready and prepared to handle any graphics job…
Thanks hope you get me right now?


You’ve listed actions that you are doing today and yet you’re here asking for help. Activity doesn’t guarantee results.

Sharing is an activity. 3y old can hit the share button.

If you really want tips then put some effort into your post. Try to explain what you do and how you do it rather than saying God has blessed me, now what? Then maybe we can point out where you can improve. Right now it’s like every 4th post here “Give me more orders”.

How about this?

  • Here’s what I’m doing right now
  • Here are my stats and results
  • Here’s what I think might be the reason for poor performance. What do you think?
  • Should I do X, Y or Z? What are your thoughts?

That way we can probably get you some construction criticism and maybe you can turn it into results.


Check out: for hundred of tips on how to get orders.

New tips are being added every day so keep checking daily.


Pray to God and tell him to forgive you. God will must help you. Be only dependent on God. God will show you way.


Thanks you.

You are the best


Thanks you for the useful info
You are the best


You’re welcomed to your journey


Thank you too @pro_graphics007


You are sighted… :joy:


Yes Bro,
You already get a good Tips and Also Hope you know the Basics so Keep it up And do the Best :slight_smile:


@uxreview And after this I am starting to realise that people don’t really need an advice here.


No need to be rude here, I don’t think you should talk to anyone like that, this a open forum and you are not ad admin to tell anyone if they have to stay or go, relax!


My religion has nothing to do with it, and bringing up a religion very unprofessional especially telling someone to go away based on their “belief”. Again big no no.


Your religion is important to you.
His belief that there is a different god or that there is no god, also is equally important to him.
Go away atheist (one of your comments) wasn’t very nice.
Your other comment “Pray to God and tell him to forgive you…” is just horrible and extremely condescending.
Anyways, I am in need of the same Fiverr help as well.
Hope you get your sales up soon.





You may create a professional gigs first. And do bid an offer in ‘Buyer Request’ menu.