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How to get available now Service?


I like to Using Fiverr. I am a new seller. I already completed 8 orders. I get 5 times 5 star reviews. I know that, after 5 order complete sellers get the service of available now. How can I get avail available now. And why I can’t getting the service.


It seems to be available only to specific lucky people. If it’s a successful test, everyone should be able to use it one day.


It is being tested and is not available to everyone at this time.


Learn more about it here. :anchor:


As fiverr mentioned, its only available for a selected category, so you have to wait for the official version


Thank @adsensewizard


This feature is not available to all sellers.


It was available to me once, then I could not reply to buyer within 5 minutes and Now I am deprived of it… it is AVAILABLE to few sellers.


Lucky to have it!
I have this option :slight_smile: