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How to get back after cancellation


Hello Fiverr! One week ago one buyer cancelled one order and since then my order completion keeps decreasing. Any ideas how am i going to get back to the game and not let this incident affects my profile?

Thanks in advance,
Maria S.


The same as the responses to your previous question:


I just saw that stats are also going down so i need any tips if you have for more orders. I need a good impression now more than before.


All you can do is to get more orders and complete them. :slightly_smiling_face:

Fingers crossed you don’t get any more cancellations in the way you did. :crossed_fingers:

I still find it hard to believe that cancellations like yours, or any other where the buyer is responsible, for whatver reason, still count against the seller. It makes no sense whatsoever.


Thank God so far my buyers were so polite and really good in communication. That was my first time someome was rude. I will promote my profile in social media and hope for the best. Yes i agree with you because i am sure that many really good sellers here has the same problem and it is so unfair.

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