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How to get back fiverr giggs in fiverr search result?


I was get daily 3-7 orders in last 2 weeks and i lost my sales in last 48 hours. I didn’t get any orders or even a new message in last 2 days and i can’t find any of my gigg in fiverr search result also… I think my giggs were gone from fiverr search result…

dr fiverr please put my gig back in the search so that buyers looking for gig can easily find it in the search


Any one know how to get back giggs in fiverr search result?

I am level 2 with 100% positive rate and so far completed more than 150++ giggs

my account is :

Please if somebody is facing the same problem then please join in this discussion

Thank You =(( =(( =(( =((

You are not guaranteed a high position in any Fiverr rankings. You need to get out there (online) and market and promote your gigs on your own. Only YOU are able to achieve the kind of success you’re looking for. It is wise not to count on someone else to do your promotional work for you. Focus less on where your gig is in the search results, and more on what YOU can do to market your own gigs.