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How to get back money from payoneer

Hi everyone…
Please help me to know how I can get back money from payoneer. I want to delete my payoneer account and attach another one. but before unlinking that account i Clicked mistakenly on bank transfer and money transfer from fiverr. but it not come to payoneer yet. they send me email to confirm. But i didn’t do this yet. Please anyone help me how i can get it back to fiverr??

Why do you want to start using a different Payoneer account. Do you realize that this looks highly suspicious and if Payoneer thinks you have two accounts or are opnening accounts with different identities, they will ban you?

I would advise you to withdraw your money as usual via Payoneer. Then sit down and think very carefully about your next move and what the possible benefits are. As it is, I don’t see any…


Yes I also appreciate @cyaxrex .

My payooneer card has lost of that previous account. That’s why i want to link another and delete the previous.

Make sure to when you link 2nd payoneer, fiveer may bann you