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How to get back my express gig status?

Hello, I have a gig which I deliver in less than 24 hours. It used to have an “Express gig” status, but due to few late deliveries, it lost this status. Since then I always deliver the gig in less than 24 hours, but the express gig status still doesn’t reappear.

My question is, how can I get my Express gig status again? Is there a certain amount of express deliveries that I should make in order to get back the express status? If so, how many?

Thanks in advance!

Do a forum search about this, as it has been asked and answered. If I remember correctly, you can’t get the express status back again, but do the search and find out for sure.

I did made a forum search and some say you can’t get it back, others say you can get it back if you deliver on time. So which one is true?