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How to get back my ranking gig?

Hello ,
I am totally disappointed, my ranking gig stays always on the first page. suddenly I notice that the gig impression, click, view drastically reduce. I was astonished and I was waiting to solve it. I think it’s a gig rotation process by Fiverr, but for a long time it’s still the same no improvement, even I cannot find my gig on Fiverr search, I search it by keyword even full title but not able to locate my gig. I would love to mention here that this gig also promoted the option activated but when the rank down the promoted option not working. today just a few hours ago I am back with my gig promoted option again. I want to know what happens to me. waiting for the profer reply from genius people from the fiverr forum. :pray:


hello, better yours, mine has not yet returned. i think its gig rotation that causes all this. we always hope for the best.

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Thank you, brother, for your kind word. yes I think I am lucky but I don’t know what will happen in the near future, It happened from 19 January to present where 60+ job in the queue all the time with the new buyer but from 19 January getting all the job from my existing client and order flow dramatically low. it’s really frustrating. Still, no new buyer knock me or order me. Hope it will be fixed soon. waiting for the golden time. Best wishes to you and thanks again for your reply. :blush:

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Your are much welcome. if in any case you were promoted to level 1, this happens always and you no longer get new orders easily.

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Yes I am also facing same problems from January. My gig used to be on 1st page & suddenly it disappeared from search after writing CS several times it came back to search few weeks back but remains in last page till & no improvement. No new clients except clients from clients buyer request & order from regular client. Do not know when the situation would improve (received couple of orders & positive review from regular client but no change in ranking).

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I have finished almost 650+ jobs and level 2. and the order flow was good now the new order from the new buyer is low. when it will be improved.


Same here brother, Still I cannot see my gig on any page or anywhere in Fiverr search even I search by every keyword on every page but it’s still disappeared. I already get much positive feedback from my existing clients regularly and done 100+ jobs from January to the present but no improvement and impression, click and view still down.

To be back in the search I would suggest to write to CS which I did & the concerned CS person do some refresh for my gig from their end & it came back to search again but it is still ranking in the last page.

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Thanks for the advice I will definitely do that according to your advice. If you get any better solution hope you share your experience here. Thanks again.