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How to get back my reputation


I was a level 1 user, but unfortunately by a mistake I lost my reputation. Now How did I get my levels back ???


Takes a lot of time and commitment! How much do you want them back??

Maybe make a few new gigs that are always going to be thumbs up!!


well it depends…Sometimes it takes 2-3 weeks to get it back…

but not to worry…don’t argue with support team… Just try to do some good business and gain good feedback…keep doing it and surely you will get the label or reputation as you mention back… Good luck…! B-)


Reply to @oranjewebdesign: Good tips and advice.


Yep, oldbittygrandma nailed it on the head. You will just have to be patient and work hard.


How do you get to lvl 1 easily oranjegirl. (I see your a top rated seller)


Reply to @bbattye: take a look at this link:


Start delivery fast within your time period. Get some good positive feedback and like for your gigs. It will be up your level automatically.