How to get back the old Messages?


Hello Everyone,

We all know that Fiverr has recently changed their messages design. But I really liked the previous messages because that was really convenient for me. Whenever I am done with a project or finished conversation with a client I simply move those conversations to Archive folder to keep my messages inbox clean for new clients & projects. In the old one if any old client sends me messages, (which are in archive folder) those messages show up in the inbox. But in the current one if I move a message to the archive & the client sends a message after that the message simply doesn’t show up in the inbox!

So I really would like to get back the old messages. Is it possible?



Wouldn’t have thought so unless you’ve got a time machine. If you have, drop me off in the 80s would you please? :wink:

Fiverr doesn’t usually rollback developments like these, or give us a choice as to which option we’d like I’m afraid.


Yes, I know that. :sweat:

But in the new “Messages”, if I archive a conversation & gets a reply to that conversation after a few days it doesn’t show up in the inbox (stays at the archive folder which I need to check later) which is really annoying! Fiverr should fix that as soon as possible.