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How to get back to first page of high rating?.......please help me out

Hi, I hope you all will be good. My gig was on the first page of high rating Flyer & Poster Category fiverr shuffled gigs but they place my gig back to orignal position. But now they shuffled again and my gig did not get the original position for the last three months…Any suggestion how can i get that position back…It greatly reduces my workload …Rgards shani90

Gigs that sell well, and earn many positive reviews, usually rank well in the search results. So… to earn a higher position in the search results, sell more gig packages, and earn more great reviews.

You don’t deserve a “first page rank” just because you have a gig on Fiverr; you EARN your ranking by being successful with that gig on Fiverr.


This is the basis. If you do, you gig will certainly be in first page. How