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How to get back to responses. Need to place an order.l


How do I get to those that have responded to me? I can’t find anything but my inbox, but it doesn’t have those that have responded to me over the last couple of weeks. All I see is those that I’ve responded to.I want to place an order, but can’t get back to the person who sent it.


It should be in the OFFERS sent on your request:


Ty for your reply…I don’t see the OFFERS on my requests and when I click the link that you provided here’s what I get:



Do you not see this when you visit the link?


Yes I do. That’s what I see.


You should be able to see your “Buyer’s Request” posts here, followed by the first screenshot I sent you.

You ARE referring to a post you made for service am i correct?


I don’t see any more posts after that. Just the post that I made. I want to see those that have responded to my offer for book covers.


Ooops…my request for book cover to be made.


you should see all your posts there, on the Active tab like below:


I don’t see that there. The other screen shot is all I see. Nothing more.


Well there in lies your problem.

I think you deleted your request maybe?