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How to get Better Translation Service


Hi, I hope this post will help you get a better Translation Service

  1. Communication - Inform translators your Word Count, Formatting, and Deadline.

  2. Set a realistic budget - Translation is not an easy task. We need to understand the text, translate, proofread, and localize the text. It’s not a single process step.

  3. Don’t check with Google Translate - Translation can ONLY be checked by translator. Never judge a translator with Google Translate. Some languages have less vocabulary and that could only be the suitable word for its context so some of the sentences could be almost similar to Google Translate.

  4. Set a realistic deadline - Don’t expect a well done job if it’s too urgent.

  5. Make payment first - Sorry but there are lots of scammers and we are humans too. Payment done will ensure peace of mind for both of us.

  6. Reply - Don’t forget to reply to any messages from translators so you’ll get better result. Sometimes the original text is full of errors.


What do you mean by make Payment first? if you doing a job you have a create an order so he/she will not pay you this function autocomplete by Fiverr and you don’t need to ask payment first :hugs:


You could test the translator. I recently created a translation gig, and my buyer wanted to know how much for 8,000 words. I told him $80. Then he asked how much to test me with one page, I said $10.

That way, he’ll get to know my skills before he orders, and I won’t waste too much time with a large order.

BTW, I think you meant “Pay First,” not “make payment first.”

P.S. Clients, please don’t give us PDF unless that’s all you have. A word document with all the text and graphs that need to be translated is very helpful and saves us a lot of time. Have you ever tried copying and pasting a graph into word? Not fun.


Thank you for your suggestions, @fastcopywriter. :slight_smile:

@devsunny1, I want to edit this post but it’s not possible. I didn’t proofread it twice. Hehe.


I think you can edit,

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You’re not the first poster to edit a post. Even replies here can be edited.


Nice you decided to open your translation gig! :smiley: :wink:

I saw the description and It made me happy to see you used Venezuela for the 2 examples mentioned on it !!! :smiley: You should have seen my face when I read “rancho”, I was like “what is this word doing here? :flushed::blush:

I also only accepted Word but recently I had to add PDF as buyers don’t read the gig and sends whatever file they want or have. For those, I use Acrobat. The only files I don’t accept are images and scanned documents as I still can’t find a software that can convert them or extract text faithfully and Acrobat doesn’t handle them properly enough.


Thank you, I lived in Venezuela for many years, that’s where my Spanish comes from.

Just keep in mind that “rancho” means something very different in Mexico. A rancho might have 50 or 100+ hectares, cows, bulls, crops, etc, and a huge mansion.

Of course, the neutral Spanish term would be “hacienda.” That’s what I would use if the translated document had a wide audience.


I’m impressed by your expansion into translation!

If you are having problems editing PDF documents, you might want to try using a linux based office suite called Libre Office. You can install a linux OS as a subsystem to windows and install it that way. So far, its the easiest way I’ve found to edit PDF documents. However, I am a full Linux guy. Just remember to export edited documents as PDFs after you are finished, in order to avoid any compatability problems in Word.


I’m even happier to know you learnt Spanish in my homeland :heart_eyes: :hugs:

Yes, and “rancho” also means the portion of meal - normally stew - that is made to feed a large amount of people, just as the meal soldiers were given to eat formerly :wink:

That is why I love Spanish :heart_eyes: It is a broad and rich language and its greatness comes from acknowledging, and hence incorporating to its structure and nature, the entire Spanish speaking world! :smiley:

I really wish you success in this new stage! I know it won’t be difficult for you to start as you’re already a level 2 seller :wink:

Nice! Today I learnt something new. Thanks! :smiley: :wink:

I didn’t know PDF files could be edited through Open/Libre Office :flushed: :frowning_face: I’ll try it this weekend, play around a little bit with it to see how it works :smiley:


Agree with you, good communication and understanding between seller and buyer is essential for a good outcome.