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How to get buyer? Please someone help me

I don’t get any order is there any way to get new order fast ?
Thank you for your time.
Here is my logo
check it and give me a feedback
happy fiverring


hope you will get first order very soon

Thank you for your response .


I would change the title to: “I will design a high quality logo for you” or “I will design a high quality logo based on your needs”
It sound a little better this way :wink:
Also, just wait a few days or even weeks. When you get a message, be sure to respond fast! Download the Fiverr app, so that it can give you a notification, when someone has a job opportunity for you:)

Best of luck!

I have changed the gig title.
Thank you for the great suggestion

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You seems like a life saver. Please, with due respect do visit my profile and gig and state if there is any mistake or I can do some improvement. Thank you.