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How to get buyer request for new fiverr account

Im new and i just signed up, i looking forward to be told on how i could get a job or buyer request thanks


First, you need to add gigs on your profile. After you can see buyer requests. these links will helpful for you.

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thanks you very much very, i’ll love to work with you and if you don’t mind let’s talk more

its depend on your gig keyword and category

i have done all that is required of me to, i just want to know how long it takes to get a buyer ?

The Buyer Request have a lot of factors, for example: A buyer that open a buyer request can never respond because is the first time using it; Or maybe the client choose another offer;

You need dedicate write a good offer talking how you will help the buyer and everytime add in your offer a link to your portfolio, the Buyer Request is better feature to news sellers… you can send 10 offer per day, 300 per month.