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How to get buyer request if its not showing

I’m new on fiverr and buyers request is not showing regularly. Many friends says you check it regularly but it always empty. How we can get level1 status If still buyer request in not showing…


You could market and promote your gig wherever your customers are located. It is unwise to expect the buyer request section to be your only source of customers.


So where we can find customers location?

I don’t know. You tell me. Who are your desired customers? Who are the people you created your gigs to serve? Where do you think those kinds of people hang out?


I have dacent skill of design and developing a wordpress website in right way. That is I am offering. but buyer request not find, that is why I’m asking here in forum.

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Alas, you’re do not appear to be seeking actual assistance. I have offered advice, and encouraged you to think practically, but that does not appear to be what you’re looking for. You have to think like a businessman, and take responsibility for your own success, before anyone here can truly help you.

I have tried. Unfortunately, I cannot help you any further.


ok Stay blessed I am trying hard to do something on this freelance market place, let us we try to get something good.,…

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Bro this happens on the startup period here. So don’t be demotivated, be determined yet awesome instead!

… Just do some research and study*, on your own for your exact problems ( on the first* Priority ) …
… rest is What the solution I can give You here is , ` to create your “Gig” this sums up everything you need to know… JUST REMEMBER THE FIRST PRIORITY :wink: !


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Hello, this is a problem I faced initially. When I contacted the support I was told before reaching level 1 I have to keep refreshing. So make sure you check buyer requests frequently once in few mins or half an hour. You will start seeing that sometimes number of buyer requests spike suddenly and you can bid at those times. Within few mins, it will be back to zero. Keep checking constantly. That’s the secret. At least till you get level 1. After that this won’t be a problem.


thanks now i m going to stick with this

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Same for me,i’m new on fiverr and the buyers request is always empty! While watching fiverr users videos on youtube,it’s always full of requests! I think it’s a feature for experienced sellers on fiver! And newbies like me should take the stairs :man_shrugging:

Thanks for the solution

There is no other way to get access to Buyer Requests. This is why @jonbaas is telling you to seek sales in other ways and there are many threads in the forum on this topic. Please look through them.

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Refreshing doesn’t give you access to Requests you otherwise wouldn’t have access to. You only get access to more Requests once you are a Level 1 or Level 2 seller.

The reason they tell you to refresh is because the Request section doesn’t update live. The only way to see things since you opened that page is to refresh.

It is a very poor investment of time to check and refresh the page that often. Even if you get access to a request and see it right after it is posted, responding to that right away will only help you if your pitch is qualified and suitable for the project. You’re not more likely to get the sale just because you responded right away.

Focus your time and energy on making gigs that will sell.

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Hi @maatif14, thank you so much to contacting with fiverr forum. First of all check your gig title and gig descriptions confirmed your gig descriptions are seo Friendly with your title and tag then check your ranking I mean your impression and view click is up after 3 working days. once you edit it, gig will be downgrade and confirmed that 24 Hour Internet connected with your fiverr app

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I agree that when you move up levels you don’t struggle with buyer requests like this. But till you become Level 1, this is a good idea if these requests are important enough for you to invest time. This has worked very well for me. Of course, whether you convert those requests to projects depend on so many factors. Only for people struggling with not seeing enough buyer requests, I would suggest this. And it doesn’t take too much time. I always make it a habit to check in between my projects and it works:)

No it isn’t because nothing you are proposing will get you sales.

Speed means nothing unless your pitch is effective and solves the buyer’s problem.

Emphasize refreshing less and quality more.

If people here focused more on strategy and less on trying to find little technical tricks to try to compensate for the shortcomings of their gigs, they wouldn’t have to rely only on Buyer Requests and would get sales there and elsewhere.

sure, let me know how it works.