How to get buyers for my gigs?


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I’ve just recently joined a few days ago :sunny:


Hi, we are glad to have you here.

Regarding your question, I will advise you make use of the Buyer Requests Section (it is under Selling) and make sure you exhaust all your 10 offers everyday sending offers to potential buyers. Again, you can equally promote your Gigs on Social Media and lastly, keep a positive mind because Buyer will surely come your way

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Hi, i have made my gig but it is not publishing and is constantly saved in drafts. what should i do?


you really needs to have patience! if you think you joined fiverr and buyers will popup, sorry it does’t work like that. it took me 2 months of wait to get 1st buyer.
in the mean time you can keep updating your gigs, send offers in buyer requests, keep promoting in social media.
this is what I can advise you.

Good Luck


The start-up of everything is usually the most difficult part and again you do not expect a Fiverr buyer to hand over his or her project without being sure you can handle that. However, patience is always the key to everything in life, but you must play your part and paid the price by first creating a catchy gigs (Look at other gigs that provide the same service like yours and find out why buyers always go after them and not yours). Secondly, make sure you click on publish button after you must have created your unique gig.

Success. Get back to me if you encounter any challenge