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How to get buyers in fiverr and subscribers in youtube?

please tell me how to get buyers on fiverr and subscribers on youtube?

According to your profile description, you’re a YouTube expert. How can you be a YouTube expert without knowing how to get subscribers?


Here’s how to get buyers on Fiverr:

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thanks. it will help me a lot.

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That’s mistake . Now check it. Actually That’s about video making expert

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I see. Well, since you’re also a social media expert, you can use your expertise to promote both your gigs and YouTube channels through social media.


Actuallt I dont want to share my fiverr with my social circle because of some reasons . In real I am Researcher and Searching for Phd . I am on fiverr for part time

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People in your personal social circle are unlikely to be your customers, so of course it wouldn’t make sense to share your gigs with them. However, you can create business accounts, and use your social media expertise to promote them.

A social media expert would know how to do it.


yes sir I know it nut actually i dont have spare time for promotion , I am research student . I just

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So… You want buyers and YouTube subscribers, but are looking for a method that doesn’t take any time to implement?

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then order for a GIG promotion on fiverr. look for sellers that will promote your gig

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I’m not sure it’s still allowed. I could be wrong, though.

yes I want subscribers

You’ll either need to spend time promoting it, or hire someone to do it.

If you manage to do it without spending either time or money, please let me know how you did it. I think pretty much everyone would want to know how to accomplish something without any effort.




So you want clients and subscribers but with zero investment? Sweet.

yes. can u help me. I am really in trouble. Check my profile I am well educated bt jobless. :frowning:

Only oxygen is free on planet earth :earth_americas:, dear.

You wont get any help here. Stop wasting your time.

sad to see this comment from planet fellow.
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well, you can create 1000 random account for 1000 subscribers or even more. :sunglasses::+1: