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How to get buyers in fiverr and subscribers in youtube?

its cheap thing which I cant do . even I dont have time for this thing

then get others to do it and pay them. :sunglasses::+1:

You won’t get clients and/or subscribers just because you’re sad. Not to mention that talking about being sad and not being able to invest time in your business here doesn’t make you look like a professional, or like someone anyone would want to buy from.

Your posts make me think that even if you got orders, you wouldn’t have time to work on them, or would do a bad job due to the lack of time.

You’re basically asking for charity, and Fiverr is the wrong place for that.


NO Sir not for charity
I have time for my work but in positive way . Not in a sense to use some immoral things

If you don’t have any orders yet, you can spend that time on promoting your services.


I got an order but its too cheap 10 articles in 10$ only