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How to get buyers of Fiverr? How to make buyers order my gigs?

Does anyone know how to make buyers order your gig?

I am new to fiverr and i find it’s a little difficult

mimo_writer -

Sometimes it’s hard to get gigs, especially when you’re first starting out. In my experience, I’ve also found that any attempt I’ve made at writing sales in a non-native tongue are a lot harder, as I don’t necessarily know the right turn of phrase, slang, etc.

The gig you linked to looks like it has been set up very well; you offer a lot of extras and a good turnaround time. If I could make one suggestion, it would be to take another look at your gig description. Any blatant grammar errors or misspellings are going to make it harder for you to attract customers.

Best of luck.

Your gig doesn’t inspire confidence. The formatting is sloppy, there are numerous grammatical errors, and your sentence structure gives me the impression that you don’t have a native command of the English language. For example, your gig title is, “I will write 600 words on everything you want for $5,” but to a native speaker that doesn’t sound correct. As a native speaker, I would have said, “I will write 600 words on anything you want for $5.” Or your closing line, “You will be very happy with me!,” comes off almost as pigeon English - it would sound “right” to an English speaker as, “You’ll be delighted!,” or something similar.

I am not a good writer, but last I checked there are 20,000 gigs offered in the writing category. That is some steep competition. Just like trying to make a website rank with a search term like “food”. You will have to pick a sub niche to help with your early rankings. I did voice overs for a while, but the category is now very saturated. So I moved to other gigs that worked well for me.

Reply to @jamesbulls:

Well yeah, thank you for the advice. It’s very useful.

I will take a good look on my gig.

Reply to @mimo_writer: Also, the title of your gig makes it look like a very generic writing gig - it could be anything - but the video for your gig talks about SEO. It’s confusing because it’s not clear what you’re offering.

Definitely find a niche. The “anything” and “everything” will not sell.

There are 3 main categories that are ALWAYS in need - relationships, money, health.

Using these categories, you could easily come up with 10-15 different gigs that are more specific and searched for.

Hello dear,

Sorry to say but your writing has some grammar issues too. I am not sure if you write the same way for others too, as you have done here. The first you should do as a seller is to perfect the skill you are using to offer any service on Fiverr.

Secondly you need to be very honest in explaining your service. Do not claim to offer what you don’t. You need to deliver according to the explanations mentioned on your Gig page.

I hope this helps.


Raja Habib