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How To Get Buyers On My Account

hi fellow fiverrians, i wish you advise me, kindly check my account and tell me what is wrong, as much as i want and love to serve buyers here on fiverr i am not receiving them as expected. So if you have any idea of what i need to do you can shoot me a message on my account.


Also, claiming to be able to translate from any language into English would lead the buyer to believe you’re just going to use Google Translate or a similar service.

First off I don’t think you’re a native speaker because you have some awkward phrasing. Not that you have to be a native speaker to be a translator, but when you’re advertising for a language gig, you have to be able to nail the language.

The first thing I see is your headline:

In search for a proper translation job,Your are at the right place

Maybe a mistype, but most likely not.

Then there’s this:

i formerly work as a swimming instructor before i jettisoned into kindergarten school coordination

I have a hard time believing you didn’t use Google translate or something similar to translate something into English.

  1. It is formerly worked (not work). Misuse of the past tense is a common sign of poor translation.

  2. Most people wouldn’t even know what the word jettisoned meant, much less use it in common vernacular. Again probably a [bad] literal translation of a word in another language.

  3. What is kindergarten school coordination? Kindergarten is school, so that is redundant. Again probably another literal translation.

    Bottom line is that if you’re translating something into English, your English better be damn near perfect!

The glaring irony in your gig image is almost amusing:

"Error-free translation GARAUNTEED"

Or maybe spelling errors don’t count as errors…in which case, I’m sorry!

And just to pile on once again, once I see the phrase “you got” instead of you have, and I know to stay far far away from your gig.

You’ve received some great feedback here already, so first of all I suggest you listen to that, and review and edit your gigs. Secondly, as a fellow translator, I can assure you that the number one thing is to be honest to your clients. Can you really do manual translations to EVERY language? Be honest to yourself and your clients. You can still run a succesful business with just one or two languages - I know, I’m doing it!

Please review and edit your gigs. Clients wants honesty, and I think you will be much more successful as well. Good luck!