How to get buyer's request in a very bulk?


Hellow everyone hopes so you are good…I am using Fiverr last six months Initially I have no buyer’s request on my Fiverr page but after some days I had some buyer’s request now I have 500 above buyer’s request…this is how I will tell you when you select the category in your gig first category you can’t change ever but the second one you can change it you should have to change it and put the second category like OTHERS when your second category is OTHERS now you can see how much buyer’s request you have…Thank you


Wow! This worked so well. Thanks @syedsibtyhasan1 for sharing the tip.


Nice trick. Thanks for sharing :blush:


Wow this is awesome… thanks :smile:


Thanks A Lot! I hope it will work fine :heart_eyes:


Good to know. Thanks for sharing.


Thanks a lot…this is soo helpful


Great but doing such things isn’t it harmful for profile or gig impression? Is it legal in fiverr?


Yes it is 100% legal for fiverr


Please bear in mind…

If you select the “others” category in your gig, your gig WILL NOT show up anymore in the “appropriate section” of the gig listing on Fiverr website… It will only be shown to customers in the “others” category which they might not even check.

Yes, it might show you more buyer requests… But overall, is it an advantage? I don’t really think so… considering buyer will not be able to see your gig listed on the website. So, it might hamper your clicks, views, and impressions. :disappointed:


I had the same thought as I read the post.


thank you so much vi, its work properly


Thank you! This is great advice!


Thanks,buddy ! i hope this will works for me too :slight_smile:


thank you for sharing your experience :smiley:


I tried it and works like magic