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How to get buyers sorry for noob question

Been here more than two months .Havent recieved a gig or even a mesage yet . any help guys


What are you doing?
What are you selling?
Did you study Fiverr before Gig creation?
Did you read that there is covid and sales are down 63% and number of sellers is up by 42% in last 4 months (approximate)?


Try to be active on Fiverr. I think orders are less in this pandemic situation. Create attractive gigs. Hope you will get an order soon.


You just joined the forum 1 hr ago. If you take the next few hours to search the forum, you’ll find tons of tips and insight to help get you started. I promise you there’s a lot to learn if you’re willing to research.


yes i joined the forum today but in have been on fiver for two months and was just searching for guidance and tips


weel my gig is about website design and development. i didnt know about the covid impact on buyers n sellers.yes i did study not in detail but did study about fiver beforecreating gig

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Hi.,I have some tips., Try to optimize your gig SEO and Make the profile attractive…Be active,… Try to make the buyer request and Send offers…Promote your gig among common groups…

  1. Update gig with Eye Catching/Attractive thumbnail and Perfect Keywords.
  2. Share your gig on Social media, blog and Other Digital Traffic platforms Like Websites,
  3. Stay maximum time Online for Fast Response.
  4. Provide Quality Work on the time.

By doing this, hope you will get buyers soon