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How to get buyers to leave a review?

For a while most of my buyers left a review but lately fewer do. Does anyone have a suggestion for what I can say for them to want to leave a review?

Someone told me about a seller who says:

please leave a review since it helps my business. If you have anything you want changed please let me know before leaving a review.

I know that part of it “helping their business” is not allowed but what are we allowed to say?

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Can I PM you my “secret” message to get reviews? :thinking:

Truth is I already tried and it said you are not accepting messages. I did not even know that was a thing! :wink:

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Hi, you can simply say:
Please let me know if any revision is needed. If everything is perfect then please share your experience by leaving a review to the order. It will take less than a minute. Thank you

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I offer buyers the opportunity to win an all expenses paid trip to Disney Land if they leave a review.

Obviously, I don’t really.

I don’t encourage buyers to leave reviews at all. If they happen, they happen. I get email reminders all the time from eBay asking me to rate sellers. To be honest, I hate the faff on with it all and I hate eBay for keeping on sending these messages. If I order a laptop charger, I expect it to work otherwise there will be hell to pay.

Of course, if something super amazing happens like a seller sends me a free USB stick, I might consider gushing about how happy I am.


I don’t believe we are even allowed to ask them to do that.