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How to get buyers to leave review after the order is automatically completed?


Reviews are very important, especially at the beginning and my problem is how to get them when the order is automatically completed? There are few times when the buyer leave a feedback after the order was automatically completed and I do not want to be invasive in asking him this…How I should proceed?


When delivering the order, have a preset text reminding him to leave a review to close the order out.

I know it’s frustrating having to wait for 3 days after you have successfully completed a job to get paid, but trust me that way works.

But only use that once when delivering, do not message a buyer about it.

You can save it as a canned response and always add it when delivering.


You are right . I also do this .

Thank you


Yo can do it with your first thank you message whenever you get the orders. Then let your buyers know about give a review before automatically complete the order.


You can tell them you have photos of them in a compromising situation (wearing a clown suit in public or something) and threaten to release it to the Fiverr forum if they don’t give you a positive review.

You never know it may work.


This is the one I’m using on most orders, you can copy it if you like it, it doesn’t hurt me one bit. After all, we’re delivering different things.


The word document has what I did.

If you like my work, please give me a 5-star review.
If you really like my work, tips are always welcome. :slight_smile:

If you’re NOT HAPPY, I will give you a REFUND, just scroll up, click “resolution center” and start the process.

If you have other concerns, address them ASAP.
Thanks for your order!

I’ve gotten more tips with it, and very few negative reviews. I had to capitalized “not happy” because some buyers are distracted and forget things.

Here’s an idea, why don’t we all share the delivery messages we’ve been using? I’d love to see what everyone else is doing.


I leave a little note at the end of my delivery saying “Please feel free to leave kind feedback - your kind ratings help my gigs thrive!” which is true! :slight_smile: Blessings!


I like that, short and sweet, and you’re also suggesting what kind of reviews you want without being pushy, very good.


Hey Frank, thanks for your suggestion. I usually send a message after the buyer realize his order, to thank him, in this case do you think is better to send only the message when I deliver the order, asking him also for the review?


That’s also a good idea! But my doubt is: it’s pretty nice to ask buyer the review?


:)) Well, I don’t know if I can do this… :slight_smile:


HI and thanks for your help! I’ll take it into account, but my question is: isn’t that ‘NOT HAPPY’ and ‘REFUND’ or ‘resolution center’ , will distract, as you mentioned, the buyer, with the risk that he can change his good intention? :slight_smile:


And yes, I would be happy to see other delivery message that can inspire also other people like me :), in order to improve the relation with buyers! If anyone is willing to share his delivery message, is welcomed!


Very nice your message! May I utilize few words from it? :slight_smile:


You will never know if you don’t try :wink: .


@psychicbunny & @psychicbunny thanks a lot it also help me a lot which i looking for


Nope its not the right way. If fiverr lord will monitor your activity, they will kick you out of this marketplace. Black mailing is not allowed here.


If the order gets automatically completed without buyer’s response, I do send this message in inbox,“Hi, the order was automatically completed because you have missed 3 day deadline. But don’t worry I will provide all needed modification here.”

Since my first delivery box include my watermark on them and I have unlimited revisions policy (Believe me they are not really unlimited, I do sort it out in 3 maximum its just to showcase "unlimited revisions for $5 :open_mouth: ) that is why I agree to provide modification or final artworks in inbox. They are happy with my service and leave the 5 star rating.


I think there is an exception if the words " clown suit" are used. :wink: (Not really!)


Great tip! Thank you so much for your help!