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How to get buyers...?

am new here… so i dont know anything about this … how can i get buyers…?

I do not understand what it is you are selling? YOu need to have much more of a gig descriptoin about what you do, how you work and what exactly you are giving someone.

What exactly are you going to do for $5? Are you going to simply make them a picture of the home they want? Are you going to coordinate construction and help them to buy all the items?

Also, you say you do all styles, but you only have 3 photos and they all look like the same style. Are all those photos real photos from your own work?

Also, maybe write a better profile description. People don’t hire someone who is “basically am an interior designer” they hire someone who is a certified and trained interior designer, who went to school for interior design and/or someone who has real professional experience as a designer. So state a bit more about your experience or education as an interior designer, and don’t say you are “basically” an interior design, state that you are an interior designer and how many years you have been helping people create homes of their dreams.