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How to get clicks and first order on fiverr?

Hello, Shashank is here. I am an experienced 3d logo designer. I created a gig on fiverr. I got a few impressions and clicks but didn’t get any orders till now. Please help me how to get my very first order. Here is my gig >

Hi sir, I saw your fiverr gig, and I want to give you some advices.

1 The price: is recommended low price at start
2 The image of gig: the image that you use is “messed up”

I hope the better things for you


no matter what you do you wont get order within 2-3 months…

Not true. I am on Fiverr for three months and was even locked due to verification for three weeks. I completed over 30 orders in this time.

looks like fiverr loves you…

thank you for your precious suggestions. I will work on these points. Hope it will help me in getting orders.

Congrats Sir for getting orders even in initial day. I hope you have already saw my gig. Can you give me some suggestions regarding changes which i have to make for getting orders.

Thank You