How to get client


Hi here i am new seller since last month i just complete 2 order now a day i am not receiving any order , so any body there who can give me tips so i can get many order in this month …


Can’t see the wood for the trees?


how can i get the order Pretty?


I want Many orders…


Yes I dont need to see the wood of trees bvx that has wood before :slight_smile: He dont need of wood


Everyone Is Not Suppor Me That Someone Ask Me Personaly That whats Problem With now a days About Work. I Do Proposal Of Order day by day But Don’t Risponce. So I Loss As like Feeling me Now.


It’s just a saying that means “you are overthinking it” So you don’t see the trees (general) because you’re too busy looking at the small details.

Don’t capitalize your letters and/or whine on the forum about how nobody is buying, either. It’s not professional and won’t encourage people to buy from you at all.