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How to Get Clients Here on Fiveer!

Hye Everyone I just arrive in this site yesterday and found it very interesting Any one tell me How to get Clients Out here ! Looking excited to get my first client

You’ll get sales if you’re lucky, because Fiverr staff don’t care to respect any non-discrimination rules. Since on other similar websites some rules are respected by everybody, here, on Fiverr, the staff ruinned everything and almost all spammers and scammers are listed in almost all searches (I don’t want to acuse somebody, but I would not be surprised the many TRS from here to have some close relationships with some Fiverr staff members - it’s called corruption in all countries and this is a practice that exists from thousands of years and will not disapear in next thousands of years). Fiverr is not a tipical freelancing website with rules available for everybody. Here, if a staff member don’t like you, even if you have the suprem gig in the world, he just “flag” your services and you’ll get just a few listings in searches per month, ar maybe none…

Fiverr is the land of non democracy, where you have to try kissing and kissing a lot the ass of Fiverr staff members just in hope to get your gigs listed in searches. Maybe you’re lucky to become a moderator on this forum, like many other TRS, and so you get your gigs listed in searches, or maybe featured for years (like other TRS has his gig featured).

It’s not fair what is happening on Fiverr, to be featured only a few sellers (and almost all the time the same sellers), to remove from searches almost all good gigs and to help other sellers who usually are doing low quality jobs (thousands of online businesses are ruined by many TRS who are doing spam and many of them are scammers).

After this message it’s very probable to get all my gigs removed from searches for months or years, or even to get my account banned, but I can’t keep the silance related to the miserable practices made by many Fiverr staff members.

ps: similar to many freelancers who are trying to get some money from almost everything, are you sure that some Fiverr staff members are not doing everything to get some additional money, maybe from sellers that are promoted and featured for years?

Feels good to get it off your chest, doesn’t it?

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Unfortunately, yes… But always with a backup for revenues, else it’s called suicide…

Hey ahsanarif5,

I am struggling a bit, but I found my best clients have come off of the buyer requests. I know there are a lot of people wanting something for nothing there, but much of my repeat business is from jobs I got there.