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How to get commercial use license on fiverr

Hi please help me my client need for commercial use license how can i get this.

If you did not purchase the product or service that you are RE-SELLING, with a COMMERCIAL license, there is nothing to offer to your customer.

You WILL know when there’s a COMMERCIAL license for any product/service purchased.

i am not purchase the design i have make my own design and sell to my client but he say i need commercial use license how to make or get license please help me

Fiverr’s ToS covers this. Unless you specifically say he can’t have commercial use then he will own all the material on completion of the order and can use it however he wishes, including commercially.


if possible can you type the message then i will send to my client my English some weak please. thank you

Here’s the link - you can copy and paste from it:


Thank you. I’m starting to put my packages together on fiverr and I’m looking into everything that I need as I make my venture into the community.

Good luck with your new packages - I hope you do really well!



I delivered on work 2 months ago. Now my client messaged to me and he wants commercial use of it ( some kind of documentation )

Can you help me what should i do ?