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How to get constant order to earn more [ARCHIVED]

I am working on fiverr from January 2016.In these months i struggle for getting more and more orders.Basically i got orders from second month when creating account.
I am providing seo service which really works for the website owners.

So how to get constant order on fiverr :
Here i am sharing my experience for getting constant orders.

When i first got the order from a buyer he didn’t gave me any review but don’t you worry reviews are the important part but The work you provide is most important.
The second order was a lucky charm for me because i got best five star review from a buyer.

The process is only depends on few things :
First :we have deliver quality works to our customers or buyers because they love if it really works.
Second :On time delivery is the way to get constant order because if you fail the gig ranking will decrease.
Third and most important : When delivering try to give offer so that the buyer will give you best review.Means when delivering say "i will give more 100 backlinks when you give us best review.For this the buyer will look forward and give you best review for free work.

For best seo service or getting best bcklink from world’s best site then order from :



Isn’t it lovely.
I starts with how he struggles getting orders, directly followed by tips on how to get orders. Duh…
OK, that are not tips, but however.

She is giving tips how to earn more.Knowing nothing about TOS. At the same time asking for order. How funny!!!

Thanks for your comment but i just shared my experience.And putting my gig links is just and example .

If you know the way to get constant orders then you should have achieved level 2 by now. LoL.

Yes @taverr but due to not clearly understood the policy i just did some mistake .
But i contact fiverr for this .Hope i will get it soon.