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How to get customer support of Fiverr involved

Hello to all ,
Recently i received an order to build a software graphs of data being provided !
The graph is getting plotted as it used to be but he is saying that graph must go in a straight line !
How can i do that if your data has values that’s making it to do down .

After this argument he came up with new revision that values in you Y-AXIS is not linear .
i.e. after 43 , 47 is appearing then 58 to which i said I’ve values at these particular points only but I can make values arrange in a particular sequence like 43,46,49,52 and now he is complaining that why values are not coming at points 46,49 .
That’s simply because you have not provided values at that point !

I delivered order in 1day and have 6 days left !
Can someone help me how to include CS .

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What you are providing is not clear above! You only go to customer support if you want to cancel the order.

Sorry if you didn’t got my statements !
What I’m trying to say is I’ve delivered a software and it’s working fine and doing all things as requested but after getting the delivery (including source code) the buyer is asking for revisions again and again without any reason , sometimes he gives String arguments to software and expect software to build chart with that , sometimes he provides symbols or emojis like @-#-+?#+@:slightly_smiling_face::upside_down_face: and then complains that software is not working !

How can a software which builds charts and graph between two integer values (time and temperature or humidity) plot graph for emojis , symbols or strings?

Basically what he wants to do is to cancel the order and take away the delivery for free .
Can I receive any help ?
I delivered the product on day one only and have 5 days more left as deadline .

I glanced at your gig. You have in your description ‘unlimited revisions’. Your buyer is using this loophole.

I’m not sure there is much of anything you can do, as your own contract states ‘unlimited’. Still, here are the two different ways you can contact support. Stay calm and stick to the facts. I hope they can help you.


No it was a custom offer