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How to get customers for my gig?


Hey there,

I just got started on fiverr. But I’m having a real hard time here. It’s really hard to find even a single customer here. Can someone please give me some tips on getting more customers out of the box?



Usually start from people you know. for instance your social media handles, you can share your service link there. offer to do more at a less price. direct them to order from your fiverr gig. once you have built up enough reputation and reviews, you can proceed to charging your normal fees.

Remember to also, make use of Buyer request section. send offers more often, and dont try to charge as much as people who have reputation already on the fiverr platform. be more responsive in replying messages, patient with buyers when they show up and stay up a little bit online

you can also share your service to your niche related social media groups.

At least this i can suggest for you to do

  1. Compelling offer/product
  2. Competitive price.
  3. Easily accessible…

Also, be sure to utilize the characters available within your description. Use all photos, pdf, and video slots available to help your visitor decide to use your service.


Do you use your buyers request???
And are your gig properly promoted???


First of all choose a suitable service for you and then research on it and collect data then creat some stylish gig and here come the main work do SEO of you gig and share them on social media by doing this hope you get order very soon.
Best of Luck :heart_eyes:
Thank you