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How to get customers to leave you a review

I have been working on fiverr for a while now. But I have noticed so many buyers do not leave a review despite liking the service provided. I offer almost unlimited free revisions to my customers and it’s really not nice, when despite all my efforts, the buyer acts miserly about leaving a positive review.

Inform your buyers that you are a single mum who has to paint her children’s feet black because you can’t afford to buy them proper school shoes.

More seriously, I know some people always invite buyers to leave reviews, however, I personally think it is better to let reviews just roll in naturally. Statistically speaking, most people don’t actually complain when they are not 100% happy with a service. In this case, you might end up pushing people who might otherwise have left you alone into leaving less than desirable feedback.

I think, on average, 2/3s of people will leave a review (positive or negative). If your main concern is reviews, I suggest you do work for free, only a kind word required. This may not clothe, feed or home you, but you will have the reviews, and that’s all that matters, really.

Well, that does make sense.

This usually woks for me:

let me know if there is anything that would prevent you from giving me a 5 star review before you leave your feedback so I can fix it and make us both happy. :slight_smile:

What do you folks think?