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How To Get Daily Customer?


As Per Our Experince I want to get Daily Order In My gig So any One can Suggest Me How Is It Possible For Me ?


@identix Try to Get Level 1 Batch . Then you can Get More Orders


Any tips on how I can get clients to help me reach level 1? Teach me please


Dear @amazingdindin11

Give Awesome offer’s to your Past Clients .
Don’t Spam Buyer Request . Send Attractive Offer using Buyer Request Section. :blush:

You can get More Tips from "Tips For Sellers " Section.


I’m doing that already but still few orders. I need to master patience. Thank you so much :smiley:


You’re Welcome :slightly_smiling_face:


But How Is Is Possible I am Tried.


How Can I Give Awesome Offer to client


Promote your gig, satisfy your customer, use the buyer request section and try to get you to level one and make your gig on the first page


Okey, Thank You For That,


But i have No any New Customer So How Can I Impress ?