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How to get dark mode on fiver forum without any external chrome extenstion?

I got this message from fiverr @discobot

How to get dark theme ?

Thanks for your valuable time.


Hi! To find out what I can do, say @discobot display help.

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The forum moderators would have to set it up to be an option. It’s not a default/standard feature in Discourse. Allow users to select dark / light theme - admins - Discourse Meta


@imagination7413 it is very hard to read anything in light mode. If I get dark mode then I can spend more time on fiverr forum.

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Why do you want to spend time on the forums? (Just checking.)

Seeing dark mode is so important to you…

Just download that external extension. It will enable dark mode on the whole internet or the websites you choose. What’s so problematic about it?

@wordsfire The problem is I have already a lot of extensions intalled on my chrome. I don’t want to install anymore.

@imagination7413 To learn from more experienced peoples on fiverr. Getting their feed back. I joined fiverr on June 2020. But still I can not get my first order. I have seen many people got their first order in first week. I am not good in selling things. It is always good to learn from others.

You do realize we’re talking a 100KB extension? Something you can install and setup within a few clicks and forget forever? :angel: