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How to get demoted: Lvl:2 to Lvl:0 with 1 satisfied buyer

I’m not looking for sympathy, or guidance, or pity, or a “You should know better”
I’m just posting this as a warning to other sellers. (And honestly, to vent)
Don’t let happen to you, what happened to me.

I’m an “old-timer” on the platform. I’ve been here since 2013 and have maintained a 5 star rating.
I’ve completed over 1,150 orders, with an average selling price of $22.97
2-months ago I was eligible for TRS, after slowly building up for 7 years.

  • 2-months ago. I had an order where the buyer requested a revision (Which is extremely rare for me, so I rarely used the revision system)

  • A few hours before the express order was automatically marked complete (minutes before the end of the 3-day wait), the buyer asks for a revision.

  • They were a long-time regular buyer, so I say sure and offer a revision add-on with an extra day added for me to work on it. (I charge for revisions.) They accept.

*Order instantly goes into LATE STATUS

You see, because this was an express gig, and it was now 3 days after the order, I needed to add 4 days to get my extra day, apparently. (This is not intuitive at all)

Several days after, I get a notification that I had been demoted to level 1, from level 2.
Contact Fiverr support, and get a “Nothing we can do” answer.
Buyer gave me a 5* review, order was delivered on time; there’s no real problem!

When I dropped to level 1, my orders basically stopped coming in. Now, I have that gig that was marked late, and my completed orders roll out of the 2-month window. As a result, my order completion rate keeps plummeting, day-by-day.

Today, I get notified that I have lost my level one status. An I’m basically out of business because of a quirk in the system that, perhaps I should have known, but really doesn’t make much sense.

Because I didn’t know that 4 days = 1 day in Fiverr-speak, Fiverr has wiped me out back to zero.

Moral of the story: If you offer paid add-on after the gig is delivered give yourself an extra-extra-long delivery time. (And: You’re just a number here, not a person.)


That’s a bit weird. Usually, revisions don’t matter if they’re ‘late’, as long as the original order was completed on time. Now I’m wondering if Fiverr has updated/changed this recently.

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