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How to get design job

Hi i’m new in fivver but i have 2 years experiences to design professional responsive websites, but in fivver still now i.m not manage single work . what I do now ?

The number one thing you need to understand about working in Fiverr… be patient. Sales and success come slowly. And no one is guaranteed sales just because they have a gig on Fiverr. You need to prove your worth as a seller, gain the trust of buyers, and deliver top-notch, unique services that help you stand out above the competition.

Nobody wants to be the first buyer on a gig with zero sales, let alone a seller with zero reviews. It’s tough for new sellers so don’t be discouraged. Once you make your first few sales and get good reviews, you’ll see new orders start to trickle in. Now, how do you get those first few sales?

No idea =) If you have any friends or family, or outside business partners who need a design, it’s a good idea to ask them to order your gig. Otherwise, check the buyer request section and send good, solidly-worded proposal. Send them every day, as many as you can (jobs you can/will do, of course), and wait for responses. This is how I got all my first sales.

Hi Myumifte,

Welcome to Fiverr!

I couldn’t agree more with Jon and Giana. Spreading the word while being patient for your first sales is very important when you has just started. If there is anything I could add, sharing your gigs on your social media pages is very helpful. Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, anything. The more the merrier!

Good luck!


Hello, If you have experience, Create Quality gigs with SEO optimized Contents and Description, Hope you will be got new orders soon :slight_smile: