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How to get email notification about any action in my fiverr account?


Hello fiverr users…Is there any chance to get notification about any action in fiverr account? Lets say someone gives me a new order and right then my email got the email from fiverr with information about it…My gmail account sending to my self phone a message each time when new email comes in…So this option will help me to respond 100 times quicker to any order on fiverr…I can’t spend all day long on fiverr…But i have a phone with me all the time …so if any order is on i can do fast delivary…


Wooo lady, you rock with your fast service on fiverr! I mean its very professional to give your customers fast respond…

So, you just go from your Ipad to the fiverr to see for new messages…I can do the same but when you busy or don’t have much time to check your fiverr profile even from your mobile phone, the message to the phone is very good option to get in touch with your customers ASAP…Plus i think its can save some part of your time. You don’t need to go to fiverr if there is no any action in your account…

Like i said, fiverr email notifications straight to the mobile phone sounds good to me…Makes operating with fiverr orders more easy…Hence the customer will always get fast service…


Okay, i guess i have fixed my fiverr spam issue…Now i believe i will get the messages from fiverr to my mobile phone right after any action will take place in my fiverr account…I think fast respond is the key to success!!!

“madmoo” thank you for pushing me in right direction!!


thank you for your respond…whell, i have no idea but for some reasons my gmail account having 0 messages from fiverr…and this email in my profile…

But if you do have notification from fiverr in your email box then its sounds good…

OMG i just look to my spam folder and it does have emails from fiverr(((

how in the hell i can fix it???



Sorry for being a dumb…but can you please clarify how do you get email notification on mobile? Is that a text message or notification via wifi/3g on android/iPhone?


Lady, may i ask you a question? How do you track new orders on fiverr? Staying all the time in front of your laptop?

As i said, would be nice if customer will get fast service…What do you think?