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How to get express order

hi all just want some of your tip to get me grow more

it’s my 4th month to be active on fiverr & working daily. i get daily one order or some time two and some time not for even single for a week.

last week a got daily one or two express order daily on one my inactive gig on which i don’t even send buyers request,i was happy and one the very first day i update and maintain my gig for about week i got daily express order but suddenly every thing stop :frowning: i even got get order by request why so i updated gig DP tags ? Please suggest me some thing that work and minimum gave me continue orders

Go to the Fiverr Academy.

And get a dictionary. What you wrote in unbearable.

I’m using Rosetta Stone to learn German, I suggest you use it to learn English. Good luck!

I agree that he should learn to speak English better but Rosetta Stone is not the right way to go. it is very boring, not hating, i’m just a language learner who used it before and might know a few better resources :slight_smile:

“Papa Teach Me” is a great channel on Youtube for learning English.

Honestly, I’ve learned more with Rosetta Stone than taking german classes twice a week. RS is convenient, you can study anytime, and they even have lessons with other students online if you’re into that, I’m not.

i have not asked you for english :slight_smile: Just asked about HOW CAN I GET EXPRESS ORDERS :slight_smile:

NO one here wants to help, what most can do is passing useless comments

As horrid as his english is, he is a Fiverr designer. He does not offer written services, but GRAPHICS. As opposed to judging someone’s english speaking abilities, perhaps you all should provide meaningful feedback that produces results, haha.
He has managed to produce sales and positive reviews despite his english so I don’t think he cares for your comments.

No you didn’t ask that. At least your question is not understandable because of your poor English. This is why you receive tips how to improve your English in order to have a successful conversation.
This is also important if you communicate with buyers. For the majority it is a total downer if they can’t communicate with the seller.
So be happy with the tips given.

Then give him useful tips.

I agree and everyone would’ve been more than happy to give advice relevant to what he asked if they understood what was asked.

I understand where you’re coming from, If it works for you that’s all that matters but my experience is as follows.
studying in class gives you no result I agree, I did spanish for 5 years in school, nothing at the end so i tried rosetta stone for a year and still no result, I used duolingo and memrise for french and in 4 month’s I could have conversations take in account that these are free, there are also good podcast stations that I use, and now i use japanesepod101 and memrise is still going strong.
this is my experience and some extra useful tools when you need them because you can never have enough :slight_smile:

Well, I’m glad duolinguo worked for you. I tried it for a while, but then got really angry because German letters with the weird accents and the strange B that is pronounced as an S were not available, so I was making too many mistakes.

I’m curious, if you did Spanish for 5 years, didn’t the classes get tougher year after year? Or was there too much emphasis on grammar and not enough on vocabulary?

Well if you have watched interviews with people who can speak a lot of languages, they all have the same story that they did a particular language in school and never got any good, at first I thought I was just an unskilled loser and I sucked but after hearing everyone say the same thing I began to understand that it was the schools that are the failures and not us.
now to backup my argument this is what happened in my 5 years of Spanish, I was very good in the first years like from grades 7-9 I was always competing for first in the class with my friend, I had all the books, I studied every night and everyone was really proud of me (I was good because I could conjugate, I didn’t know what that meant or why I did it, I just did it because that’s what the test’s asked us to do), yes the classes got harder but that isn’t the reason why I lost interest, the classes were too focused on learning the rules over and over again with no form of communication or practice in speaking, when the classes got harder they focused on giving us large exerts to read and long questions written only in spanish to answer, it became very tiring and boring and the final exams had a oral and written exam, if you failed the oral then you forfeit the written exam. (we didn’t even have a large vocabulary to begin with at the end of 5 years)

100% understand able even English is not my native language. He is just asking how can he get express Orders that’s All

That’s terrible, and I agree, conversation is very important. Rosetta does have a lot of conversations but you can only talk to other people in the live classes, which cost extra.

The emphasis on grammar that you had to go through was ridiculous. Spanish is particularly difficult because a lot of people use regionalisms. For example, in Venezuela you’ll see that “fuegos artificiales” (fireworks) are called “triqui-traqui.” Of course, if you say the former people will know what you’re talking about, but to really learn a language it’s better to participate in that culture in some way. A friend of mine learned a lot of English with comic books. I wonder if I should eventually do the same with German?

Lol that friend must have been really interested in those english books :D. I wish I could’ve saved you from spending so much money on rosetta stone because it’s really expensive and language is a free thing plus there are much cheaper resources like germanpod101 which has every tool you can think of (check it out) , the live classes is a waste of money, there is a site that I use when I want to find friends it’s called mixxer and all you do is go there, choose the language that you’re learning and you’ll see a bunch of people who speak the target language and want to learn your language, you can just send them a message meet on skype and you’re all set, you teach each other, I met a few french friends on that site in 2014 and we’re still friends.
next your right about languages having variations like spanish, they speak slang which is considered colloquial speech which exists in every language and there is both south american spanish and european spanish which has slight differences.
and finally you’re right about being engaged in the language and making it a part of your everyday life, now i’m studying japanese so after gathering all that information back when I studied french, I now apply them to my japanese studies, I focus more on listening now, vocabulary flashcards which works, I watch a lot of anime because I love it which helps with listening and i listen japanese music and so on.

(I’m sorry, i mixed free resources with paid resources, I don’t really have any money so I get anything and everything free online. this is why I started this conversation about rosetta stone but I mean no harm)

Well, Rosetta wasn’t an impulse purchase. It took months, of visiting the product site on Amazon, reading reviews, but eventually they had a promotion that was too good to ignore.

The only thing I don’t understand is that the software came with 5 CD’s, I installed one and then it took me to a website where I do the lessons. So wtf did I have to get CD’s? I could have saved even more money by buying the online version.

lol, I think there was a new version called rosetta stone plus or something where you could even higher a teacher but I have the the cd’s for spanish, french and italian i think, when you install them the software opens on the computer and you choose your lesson and work from there, just pictures and audio.
it’s kinda weird to hear about getting redirected to the internet or maybe they did that to stop people from pirating. lol they greedy *smurk