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How to get fast order on fiverr for first time

I’m new seller on fiverr. I created my gig about three days ago and my gig has 122 impressions. But I have no orders . What should I do?

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  1. It’s Christmas holidays everywhere, almost all people has weekends, so wait
  2. Your time at this forum is 2 minutes - there are literally thousands of the same questions, same topics - go through this forum and read about it
  • Panic
  • Randomly follow every piece of poor advice from unproven people you can find
  • Don’t put any effort into understanding who your real customers are likely to be
  • Act entitled to fame & fortune

All well proven methods :wink:

You forget about staying online for 24 hours :rofl:

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That’s covered under #2


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You should follow more & more Buyer Request Job & Project

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