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How to get fast order

Hi I am new here I want to improve my gigs ,I am a web developer , graphics designer . Anybody teach me how to get fast order ?
This is my Fiverr profile


Create a gig in the category where there is very least number of sellers are available.

I already posted gigs in category

But that is very common category .there are so many sellers in that category .

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just keep consistent and try to be active as much as you can. share your profile on social media platforms


Share your gig on social media to get the order if any one interest on your service.

which category is perfect for web developer?

Thanks dear . I already working hard and sharing my profile on social media

what you talking about ?

I do not think there is a magic trick that’d help you get orders. Just do as much to get yourself up on the search pages, use proper keywords in your gig, send requests and be hopeful.

Bottom-line is to provide unique services, so as ensure that your clients are pleased with your services.


I think you try to CMS(WordPress is best)

I already tried cms WordPress

You can also keep your eyes on the buyer request option in Fiverr.

I’m confuse about buyer request . How does it work ? I mean I posted a buyer request and I got 15 reviews but I still didn’t get my gig order from buyer

It’s very competitive bro. Try more, don’t be tired.

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There’s no formula to it. Use good keywords, write a well written description, while waiting hone your skills to ensure when you do get a buyer you can provide them with good service to leave the client satisfied with your work

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Thanks brother God bless you

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Are you saying it to me?