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How to get featured again?


Hey, Fiverr hive!

I’ve been on Fiverr for about 2 years now, doing voiceover intermittently while pursuing acting in NYC. For awhile, while I was a new seller, I would get various jobs maybe once a week. Not too much traffic, but steady. Somehow, later, I was randomly chosen to be featured on Fiverr. This brought a HUGE amount of traffic to my gig (3-5 orders a week), and allowed me to become Level 2. This trend continued, and I made a LOT more money during this time - my gig operated much more like a business, and a lot less like a weekly, part-time commitment.

One day, with 6 or 7 orders in my queue, a buyer canceled an order saying she was on a deadline (which she never told me about in her order description), after trying to pay $5 for a $30 project. It was, of course, my fault in not explaining it to her in time, but she canceled without warning, which gave an automatic 1-star rating to my gig. This was the only bad rating I’ve ever gotten, and my gig almost immediately stopped being featured. Orders stopped coming in.

Even though I’ve gotten a lot of 5 star reviews since then, my rating is 4.9; and my orders are somewhat nonexistent. Sometimes my gig goes for 1-2 weeks without one - and when orders DO come in, they are only $5-$10. I am at the point in my real life where my survival job isn’t making me as much money as I need to live in this city…and the extra income from Fiverr was a LOT more beneficial than I realized. My question for all seasoned pros who may have had an experience like this: is there a way to get my page featured again? Or anything I can do, other than getting a feature, to once again increase gig traffic?

Thank you all SO much!
-Hannah slight_smile:


Well, first things first, it seems you may be misunderstanding how delivery time is set up. That 1 star rating that is on your profile is not because your buyer “canceled without warning.” The only way you can get an automated 1 star like that is if you fail to deliver anything even a couple of days after your deadline clock runs out. Fiverr requires that you deliver when you delivery time says you will, but they do give you a little grace period before that automatic warning would occur. No matter what you or your buyer said in messages, you didn’t deliver so Fiverr actually prompted the buyer with a notification that you were very late. The buyer agreed and the Fiverr system automatically rated you 1 star “failed to deliver on time.”

Getting featured is something many sellers dream of and it’s not surprising that you would lose that opportunity after getting a late penalty via the Fiverr system. It is always possible to get featured again, but it’s just less likely. You could contact Customer Support and ask them about it. It is also possible to increase your traffic without being featured. There are quite a few excellent posts about self-promotion on the forum. I suggested skipped over the generic tips that just tell you to spam social media, that really doesn’t work. Search for posts with information about finding your target audience by becoming meaningfully involved in online communities, forums, and Q/A sites.


I completely understand how delivery time works. I suppose I didn’t explain this particular situation correctly. The buyer placed an incorrect order ($5 for what should have been a $30 order) meaning that, if I had delivered the product, I wouldn’t be getting accurately paid. Instead of accepting the price increase or responding, she canceled when the order was marked late. I’m never one to deliver late files, except for in this kind of situation - I either request a mutual cancellation (if the buyer is unwilling to pay) or I deliver a placeholder file to save time if there is no response. Unfortunately, this just happened to occur early on in my time in Fiverr, when I didn’t know any of these tricks - not even really how to create a gig extra within the buyer page. Knowing everything now, my question is less about understanding delivery time, and more how to fix this particular situation and boost gig traffic. Thanks!


I understand. I hope the suggestions for self promotion are helpful. Those automated negatives are one of the penalties that Fiverr takes pretty seriously, so the impact can be high, particularly on a gig they took the time to feature. I’m glad you are careful now to mutually cancel if that sort of thing happens.


You should never do this. It’s against the ToS to deliver blank files and could lead to problems worse than losing your featured status.


Even if it’s a watermarked version of the actual recording? Uh oh. I watermark a lot of my audio…


No, sorry, a watermarked version of the recording is fine. Just don’t send a blank file or anything along those lines to “freeze” the timer.


Phew!! You scared me!!


Yea, it’s a pain with an automated 1-star-- I mean you could contact support but it was so long ago, and I doubt they take any requests from sellers about wanting a gig featured. I wish they cycled featured gigs every month so that more people could try it out.
However, in general, sales for me ebb and flow. Sometimes it’s 12 a day, other times it’s 4 a week and I start to bite my nails. I guess hopefully things look up, maybe try doing some more outside promo off of fiverr and pull clients onto the platform. good luck!


I did contact Support about potential advice for having one’s gigs being featured. I will post back with any feedback. <3


Fiverr CS won’t give you support regarding featuring your gig on the homepage again. However, you can request for more information as to how to deal with that effecting your featured gig.

Just as @fonthaunt stated, being featured is a huge opportunity which many sellers wish for. Being featured also comes with responsibility and if Fiverr suspects you’ve had your share htey will give someone els the chance.

Best of luck and let us know what CS says!

:bulb: Joe