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How to Get featured on Fiverr?


Is there any way to get Featured on Fiverr?

I was wondering to know about how can i get featured tag on my gig.please help me.I want to get featured on fiverr.
This is my Gig -



Yes, there is a way out. Do the hard work and be patient and one day you will see the desired outcome.


Yeah ,I am trying my best. I am also promoting my gig on Social media sites. Hope I will Get soon Level one and then 2 and so on.


It’s comprised of several things:

Sales, Average feedback rating, involvement in forums and the fiverr community, delivered on time, social media and marketing outside of fiverr, etc.

I think for you brady_bear start by just going through the level 1 seller, level 2 seller and top seller levels. By doing that you’ll know that you are adhering to fiverrs best practices and experiencing growth in your business. With you already starting to promote on social media sites, it will give you some great momentum to possibly catapult you into featured status.

I wish you much success!



Providing quality work, consistency, and promoting via social media will all add up to creating a positive brand image, whether or not you are featured.