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How to get first buyer on Fiverr?

Hi There,

I created 4 gig on fiverr 2 week ago but still waiting for buyer response…

Is anybody give some tips to get my first buyer on fiverr please!!!

and please look at my fiverr gig and tell improvement tips.

Thank You!

well same here i created 7 gigs… but still waiting :slight_smile: i hope i get a chance to show off my skills.

In my case i waited 1 month until my first order arrived; i dont know for sure what is that you need in order to received your very 1° request, but i can tell you this.

Grab yourself the fiverr app on your cellphone, why? Something that can make the diference is your response time, nobody likes to wait on a hurry, so if that client is on a hurry and you answers first, then you can tell that you actually have the job.

Coldblood973 you need to try harder on you gig titles, you need to give it that “spark” so people get motivated to buy it or at least click it.

Also be smart with your keywords and the way you use it on your gig description; the aditions of a video is usefull too, and you can make your own like the one i made today, check it out if you want so you can see what im talking about. ( )

Thanks for reply…

I got there buyer from Available project within 1 month…

mine was after 2months

mine was after 2months, i persisted in sending buyers request

Never give up and just keep it going. Be customer friendly and keep promoting!!

Simple answer: Good marketing, and hard work.

If you’re expecting success for free, then you will likely be disappointed. Being successful on Fiverr, and earning sales takes constant work. You need to take responsibility for your own success, promote your gigs, present yourself professionally, etc. The only person who can bring you success is you. Work hard, set goals, and achieve those goals

Buddy, this is the THIRD time you’ve plagiarized my comments from elsewhere in the forum, and passed them off as your own. I’m not flattered anymore. Use your own words when you comment, or credit me as the person who wrote them.

Add videos. Everyone loves videos. People like to see who they’re working with!