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How to get first client

Hi All,

This is my first post and first day on fiverr. I really hope to find some work here. Would you don’t mind to take a look on my gigs and let me know what I can improve, am I even hitting in a right direction?



My goodness! You’re clearly a professional and know your stuff, and that is an impressive credential spread in your description. Gorgeous images/portfolio. Though… you use ‘I’ and ‘my’ in your profile and ‘we’ and ‘our’ in three out of four of your gigs. The one that doesn’t also seems to have a lower quality description.
Your prices seem reasonable for an established professional, but here on Fiverr, no one knows you and can’t easily verify your work.
Also, I don’t think I’ve ever heard of a gig that involves travel. I could be way off on this one, though.

I guess the big question is: who is your target market?
Next biggest question is: why did you choose Fiverr?


Thanks for your reply and kind words! I have already hired a copywriter so text will be improved. I’m an owner of a photography studio who works in a team, not native english speaker so text is a bit messy but it will be fixed.

Target market would be online shops that look for high quality photos and service. I have already worked with few clients like this who appreciate smooth workflow and quality photos and Im hoping to find here more.

I also do interior photos for designers but to do it in other country I need to be paid for a travel and then I can charge my normal rate. I can’t really see different way of approaching this gig, am I missing something?

Why Fiverr? Just to try something new this year, explore different channels of marketing and in general see if it will works for me. If I find even one regular client then it will be a success.

I wonder who are actually buyers, any medium / large companies use this website?


I have considered the logistics of a gig that includes travel, and it seems overly complicated. Granted I did my thought experiment with ‘weeks’ as the time frame for the job, and getting all material from local suppliers. I’m not sure how much a photo shoot would differ in time and equipment, but I wouldn’t want to risk a buyer not having the resources needed on their end or thinking you could make a poor investment look appealing.

As for buyers, there was a conversation going in another thread. I think this post and one that is two below it are worth a read:

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Hm, I will rethink this gig. Maybe I should sent a flat rate for half day of work, full day of work plus amount of photos that client will receive? Premium package would include property video. On top of this I would just mention that flight ticket needs to be payed by client.

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If they buy the ticket(s), you’ll likely be getting the worst flight and accommodations possible. I wouldn’t risk expensive camera equipment to some airlines. Nor would I risk sketchy hotels. And what of restricted access countries?

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Thanks so much for your help. Those are good points, I didn’t think about it. Would you feel like setting up this gig for me? Looks like you know Fiverr well and have some experience. I would be happy to hire you as a copy writer knowing that you can structure / mange it well.


I appreciate the vote of confidence, but I must decline. I’m better at the ‘theory’ aspect of business, as that was my major in college, but I have no practical experience. Much of what I’m giving feedback on is based on ‘failure lessons’. “Learn what does work by learning what doesn’t.” I haven’t figured out the ‘does’, though I’ve found plenty of ‘doesn’t.’

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