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How to get first job in fiverr

Hey friends , i can not get my first job in fiverr. Please tell me how to get first job on fiverr.
May be it is my earning site for me. so please help me.


Apply for buyer requests, they may bring someone to you. If you tried and never succeed, here are some tips on how to make your proposals work:

Here are finally some more of my favorite, (best) tips on the forum I recommend:


Sadly all your gigs are in an extremely competitive area.
Thousands of people offer logo designs, business card designs, photo editing,
and virtual assistant services.
It’s VERY hard stand out in that field unless you have something very unique and professional
looking. Your gig description need help for sure, but even if you did hire someone to write one for you it’ll still be hard. You might want to add your own unique twist to it, or try offering something completely different…


Please help me how I get first job on fiver …I am much worried about it please also check my gigs

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Please help me,why not getting buyer requst.

Apply buyer request and active most of the time you can…

For Getting Order on Fiverr, you can try these

Stay Active on Fiverr
Sent Buyer Request regularly in the proper way, not copy paste template.
Create attractive thumbnails for your gig,

Share your gig on the social media platform

Good Luck.