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How to get first job is i guess very difficult

Someone tell me how do I get my first work? I guess somebody can give me a job to do.


in which category do you work?


Data Entry, image to texts,pdf to texts, copy paste…


wait man. You will get job. Just doing hard working.
Have a good day.
Thank you


Ok I hope so.There is no other way except to keep patience


try to reach your potential customer @rangjaluwary


It is not our responsibility to make sure you have work. I am sorry to hear that you are unemployed, however, if you plan to be an active freelancer here on Fiverr, you are going to have to learn how Fiverr works. You can start be reading the Terms of Service and help sections, both of which are linked at the bottom of any Fiverr site page.

YOU are responsible for your own sales and success.


It’s irresponsible and unfair to make promises you can’t substantiate.

When you have a super competitive gig, it’s possible you may never get work. You don’t get work by waiting.

There’s this idea that if you wait long enough, you’ll eventually get an order, and that’s simply untrue.


If you want to work with English (even as a data entrist), you’ll need to improve your knowledge of the language’s punctuation system. I wouldn’t hire you to do data entry work for me. The reason for that is there are many orthographic errors in your gig description, and I’d worry many of those same errors would appear in my delivery. Habits are hard to break, after all!

Also, you may find that you benefit more from putting your USP in your gig title. You offer six hours of work for $5. Not many other sellers are offering that, so highlight it!


Thank You Mr. Johnbaas.


How can I get orders?

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Look it up. We get this question at least several times a day in the forum and it’s really annoying and unnecessary.

Don’t reach out to people by private Fiverr messaging asking for advice, by the way. It’s really rude. Fiverr messaging is for order queries only.


So, I need improve my gig title. Is it so?

You do, yeah. I think at the moment, a lot of people will just not click on your gig because your title is vague and contains punctuation errors. (Remember if you make errors in a buyer’s document, the buyer will have to correct them or request a revision. That means more work for the buyer, so obviously they’re looking for sellers who will create flawless products first time.)

You can improve your title by following the English comma rule. Always leave a space after a comma. Example: I like pizza, burgers, and fried chicken. (There are a few minor exceptions to this rule, but they’re not relevant at the moment.)

Also, seriously consider stating in your title how long you’ll work for. If you browse your category, you’ll find not many other sellers are willing to do six hours’ worth of data entry for $5. You have a real advantage over your competitors, and if you make that clear in your title, you could get many more clicks.


Thank you Mr. Ahmwritingco for your valuable advice. It really seems helpfull.


Hello sir, I am sorry to see the very callous and mean responses you are getting. Some good advice is treat people the OPPOSITE of these rude and unhelpful responses. If I was spending a nice amount of money, I would want to research the seller. I’d end up here and look at how they engage with their counterparts. My response would be “NOT HIRED!” Why go on a web forum where people are asking for help, just to DENY help and leave distasteful opinions?

Second rule of advice: Do not pay attention to the Negative Nancy’s that have a problem for every solution!

With my first two pieces of advice, you will be set apart from your competitors.

Anywho, I am a few hours into Fiverr and I will tell you one of the strategies I am going to use.
You mentioned that you are in the “Data Entry” field. There is such a huge demand for this. I have provided this service and also hired people with this valuable skill.

If I did not have the money to promote my services because I was flat broke (not saying that you are), I would need to think outside the box. This is where you exchange your time for the absence of money. There are some really awesome free places you can go online that attract millions of web traffic hits a month. If you comment and you know what you are talking about, you will most DEF be seen and heard. If your advice is helpful, you will be appreciated!

I’ve seen a few people ask how to find buyers. They are very easy to find! Put yourself in a buyer’s shoes. Before you knew how to do data entry, where did you learn from? Go all the way back to square one and pretend that you are new, no knowledge, no experience…but you wanted to learn how to do data entry for yourself.

Where would you go?
What would you ask?
WHO would you ask?
What times of day would you ask your questions?
How many days a week?
Would you join a private forum or an open one?
Etc. etc

The best thing about answering your OWN questions, is that there are NO wrong answers! You “improve” upon your very own answers later with YOUR gained experience.

So, when you answer those questions…you will know EXACTLY where to find them. You can seek out desperate people that need help DESPERATELY! You can spot them easily. They will be be the DIY people, that want to “do it themselves,” just like you! Don’t be intimidated of a potential buyer, because look! The two of you already have something in common: Data Entry! If I was trying to get potential clients, I would be hunting down people that are stuck, don’t have alot of time, are on the verge of giving up, and those that are asking for help. The more desperate…the better! How can you ask them if they need help?
You don’t have to! Your new potential client already stated they needed help, in the comment section! They have just revealed themselves to you unknowingly!
They did all this:
without knowing of your existence,
without knowing you can solve their problem,
and without knowing that they have just placed a HUGE fat “bulls-eye” on their backs for YOU*, the starving, ambitious entrepreneur* that is determined to get his first sale. This is your destiny.

So now what do you do next? You give them what they want. Not only do you give them what they want, you give them more than what they asked for. OVER DELIVER. It is perfectly fine that you don’t ask for payment during this first exchange. Just a second ago, they didn’t even realize you existed. (Stats consistently show that the most effective sales techniques use a minimum of exposing your potential buyer to your product or service at least 5 five times. This means you get 4 more chances.!)

End your helpful advice by mentioning the source of your knowledge or stating your credentials. If you can do this on a public platform with many eyes watching, you have briefly gained an audience. Most likely, the people that are under the thread in the first place all share the same interests or “problems” that you can solve. Fantastic! Now your helpful comment will live on, being viewed by many eyes and you have left an online impression of being a very helpful and knowledgeable person. You don’t need your own blog to do this, you don’t need a website, you don’t need any money.

Me personally? I will be dong this in YouTube comments right after I post this answer to your question. Then I will purposely drive web traffic to the comments I’ve left on YouTube. My bots will deploy and press “like” on the YouTuber;s video, which gives them views and generates them more money. I won’t be seen as an opportunistic parasite here. The YouTuber and I will have a “symbiotic” relationship. A fair exchange. He won’t delete my comment. He will look forward to me stopping by and leaving a helpful comment from time to time that will generate more views for him. In return, I borrow a few sets of eyes. :slight_smile:

BTW…Don’t let me forget to mention that I understand the power of revealing my presence online, Just as I understand the power of remaining anonymous. I am an ethical hacker and a penetration tester. If I listened to every naysayer in my life, I would have a pocket full of nothings and regrets.

So you got this! Now go be great!


Just active your bast time in fiverr. and marketing your gig, incress your gig view and click. You will get your job.


This is not a difficult Issues You have to online and sent buyer request everyday(Buyer request will have to unique)

Thank you very much. Among the negative comments, at least there is people with positive mind.

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I always love your content and comment nice you are