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How to get first my first customer

hello i am new online marketing seller for product . how can i get my first customer?


I have same issue i’m also new on fiverr!!!

Absolutely NOT, @kashanrasheed! That is terrible advice. That is spam of the highest order. Never, ever, spam Facebook pages or groups. Never.



“Buyer request” Section is best place to get orders at start and to build your profile. Once you have a good portfolio and rankings, orders will start coming. Patience and Consistency is the key. Good Luck

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@jonbaas Can you please suggest some strategy? i m also new in fiverr, struggling to find ranking and if i do social marketing and if its a scam then whats the way i can do to boost my sales, i have a seo optimized gig, online 24 hrs, but no buyer request. It will be great if you suggest me some way i can market my gig.

I cannot – and will not – provide you with a strategy, and deprive you of the work required to develop one for yourself. I am not here to make you successful. I am not here to do your work for you.

The best way to find customers is to research your target market, know what those customers need, know where they are located, and then go to those places and interact with those target customers, and convince them to hire you. Spam of any type, is not marketing. If you want to learn more about marketing, I encourage you to do some research on the topic and find what works for you.

Being online all the time does NOT guarantee more sales.


If you do wish to follow Jonbaas’ advice and learn more about marketing, here’s a good place to start:


This is terrible, terrible advice.

Where did you get the idea that this is effective? It is actually very unprofessional and no one will take you seriously if you do this. It also doesn’t generate leads.

Check your sources. Don’t parrot bad advice.

I don’t understand why people give advice with such certainty despite not knowing what they are talking about.


A large group seem to want Fiverr to be algorithmic.

Step 1: Stay online 24/7
Step 2: Send 10 buyer requests every day
Step 3: Share your gig on social media as much as possible
Step 4: Get orders and deliver software-generated products

These people aren’t fit to run businesses. And I’d better leave my rant there, as people telling it as it is are getting flagged at the moment, while bad advice and crap posts continue to stay live.


If you are suggesting others do this then I presume you are doing it yourself? You have zero sales. Do you really think people should copy your method?


Yes, they want to think you just do x y z and then you get what you want. Quality, skill and suitability don’t matter, apparently…

Unfortunate that legitimate advice is flagged and bad advice is not.


It’s probably not a bad method for getting views (albeit the lowest quality views possible, which will never convert into sales). It’s a guilty pleasure of mine, and a couple of other people I know, to click on some of these spammed links just to marvel at how bad the gigs are.

It’s sort of like listening in to an awkward guy chatting up a girl. You should really be doing a million other more productive things, but something about the ugliness of it all is captivating.


Yes, @kashanrasheed, if your advice is so great, why don’t you have sales? How can you give advice on something when you aren’t successful yourself?

Anyone can parrot bad advice. It isn’t a skill and doesn’t make you look smart.

Maybe you should only give advice if you can corroborate it?

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Please stop listening to my conversations. I can see you you know!