How to get first order for new gig


Hi, My am a new seller on Fiverr. However, I do not know how will get first sell for my new gig. What is the effective way for it my gig is here?


Please, Help me. How to manage it


hi shahin mia ,
i think you are charging too much first you take order 5-10 and deal completely clean then you got rating and customer reviews after this you can charge as you wish thanks.


This Is absolutely right, I’m agree with you.

When I was a new seller, I’ve offered big work for little money, then when I got 10 five stars reviews, I changed the price. That Is the perfect way to get sellers.


I agree with you. I don’t get any order for high charging.


thanks kyle, I think it also work for me.


I’m in a similar place.
It feels tough



Hi lipiganatra, I don’t get a single order till now. Decided to open a new gig


Oh. Did it work out?